Living in a 9% Country

In the last thirty years our country has seen the entry of some good looking cars, bail out by IMF, rise of the software sector and the power of the Indian middle class. In that the last fifteen years have been quite interesting. In the last fifteen years, thanks to IT, India came on the world map and an average Indian middle class family could dream of having good corporate jobs and pursuing a rich quality of life.

Risk Management in intraday trading

Intraday trading refers to buying and selling of financial instruments like stocks, options, etc. within the same day before the market closes. Intraday trading involves a lot of high risks as buying and selling of shares need to be squared off in the same day. Intraday trading has its own pros and cons. In Intraday trading one does not have to block the amount invested after trading hours, profit earned per share traded is very small, effectively trading the stock's daily volatility.