1) What is InvestWorks?
InvestWorks provides solution and consulting service in managing finance of the individuals at various levels. It has a highly qualified research team which has expertise in understanding the market. It provides high quality services irrespective of the market conditions.

2) How can InvestWorks help me for my investments?
It will give you the best possible online tools to invest your money to earn high returns considering your risk appetite at the same time.

3) I have a broker who is advising me on stocks do I need InvestWorks?
Yes, InvestWorks provides solution for short, medium and long term investments. As a result your risk reduces drastically. It provides consistent return of your investment irrespective of the market conditions.

4) What is the minimum amount to start with InvestWorks?
There is no minimum amount to start with InvestWorks. But we suggest you to start with small amount of Rs. 5000 only.

5) Do I have online investment facility?
Yes, we provide a platform through which you can invest in various products. It is also very user friendly.

6) I don?t have online fund transfer facility through my bank. Can I still use the online option?
No, it is mandatory to have online fund transfer facility through your bank.

7) What options can I get for Investment?
According to your investment horizon, there are multiple options available, which are:
  1. For short term horizon you can invest in money market which will range from 1 to 3 months.
  2. For medium term horizon you can invest in fixed maturity plan which ranges from 3 to 36 months.
  3. For long term horizon which will be greater than 1 year, you can invest partially in equity and bonds by maintaining an effective portfolio.
Throughout the process, we will guide you and provide you the best possible solution.

8) Will you suggest where I should invest?
Yes, we will suggest and always guide you in your investment.

9) What will be the fee charged at InvestWorks?
We do not charge any fees for using the investment platform for investing in funds. We charge brokerage for trading in stocks and derivatives. The fund management companies charge a management fee. We take into consideration this fee also while recommending funds to investors.

10) Are there any account opening charges?
No, we do not charge any fee for opening a new account with us.

11) Are there any annual maintenance charges?
No, we do not charge any annual maintenance fee.

12) Will I get an investment advisor?
Yes, you will get an investment advisor who will guide you thorough out your investment process. We will also intimate you for every new opportunity coming in the market.